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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Official Release: 2011 Tanduay Rhum Rockfest

(This is a press release. This appears in its original form - unaltered by the author of this blog except for the photos within the article which are the author's copyrighted works - and serves as an announcement to Judd's Bucket List's readers.)

By Gladys Basinillo (Mediacom)

This is Our Story:
Celebrating the Filipino Spirit

It all started in 2006, when Tanduay decided to take on a radical new approach to reaching out to Filipinos. "Music Marketing" entered the lexicon of Tanduay's communication strategy. It was a good move, considering that music has a universal appeal to the young market that Tanduay seeks. But, moreover, it was the ROCK genre which clearly defined the brand's personality.

Since its birth, Pinoy Rock has captured the best of being Filipino, with its drum beats and guitar-laced stories about the Filipino spirit. It's a genre that combines the best performers as well as best songwriters, as their words and voices resonate about the Filipino way of life for other Filipinos.

Tanduay went deeper and discovered what makes the Young Filipino involved: their desire to define their individuality, and to be connected with their peers at the same time. Events. Rock Concerts. With engagement through activation, Tanduay entered the world of the youth and became part of it.

This is Our Mantra:
First Five. The Power of Five. A League of One.

For the 3rd year, Tanduay brings together the biggest line-up of bands ever assembled in Philippine Music History - in a nationwide tour no less. Chicosci, Sandwich, Kamikazee, and new comers Wolfgang and Parokya ni Edgar complete a casting coup called The First Five.

To be part of the First Five has become synonymous with a distinct privilege that elevates every member to Rock Icon status. Furthermore, they are united as a "League of One," under one banner as The Tanduay First Five. The line-up further reflects and reinforces Tanduay's standing as the country's Number One Rhum.

With the powerhouse roster, the event just got bigger and louder for 2011, as the bands will tour in 30 cities nationwide - upholding a legacy that to date, more than 5 million music fans in more than 150 concert arenas have rocked out to since national tours started in 2006.

Without a doubt, this is the golden age of Filipino Music and Pinoy Rock. City after city, the nation witnessed jampacked venues, with people travelling from all corners, rain or shine, just to sing along and have an all-out rockin' good time.

The Power of Five. A League of One. Tanduay First Five. The Legacy Continues.

This is Our Commitment:
Rhum Rockfest - Year Five
The event of the year.

The Tanduay First Five Nationwide Tour had no Manila leg, as it reserves the biggest event of the year for Metro Manila. The concert tour that Tanduay does so well takes a momentary rest for Tanduay's biggest rock concert ever.

Dubbed as Rhum Rockfest Year V, the event will showcase 30 popular bands from all generations. Slated for takeoff on October 14, 2011, it will be held in SM Mall of Asia Concert Grounds from 5:30pm until daybreak. Once again, Tanduay puts together the biggest rock show in the country. It's time to Rock On, Pilipinas!

At least 80,000 concert goers are expected to witness the celebration of OPM, rock-style, as it narrates the story of Pinoy Rock through its performers.

The First Five bands will be joined by popular acts from every rock genre - from classic, to metal, to emo, and pop-rock - all great music coming together to tell the continuing and evolving story of Filipino Rock.

And of course, Tanduay Rhum's First Five bands, past and present, will take centerstage. To be sure, the whole night will be on fire with the biggest icons of Pinoy Rock from Sampaguita to Introvoys - Paco Arespacochaga is flying in from the United States for the event - to Orient Pearl and P.O.T. The Tanduay Rhum Rockfest breathes life once again to great names such as Hungry Young Poets, The Youth, Tropical Depression, The Dawn, and Color It Red. 90's bands like Siakol, Grin Department, and Razorback will be onstage to provide the nostalgic feel of this era.

These great acts will be joined by a new generation of rock bands, such as Hilera, Franco, Urbandub, Gloc 9, Typecast, and Moonstar88. Rhum Rockfest attendees will witness the comeback of Ebe Dancel, as well as a surprise Rock Icon.

This is Our Vision:
Tanduay. One Brand built from The Filipino Spirit.
OPM. Original Filipino Music.
It was a tie-up that was meant to happen.

Tanduay Distillers, Inc. is the maker of a wide array of world class spirits, proven by its 146 international awards. It has consistently provided its loyal consumers quality products and events. Simply put, the brand takes pride in promoting local talents and providing a venue for target segments to experience Tanduay and at the same time enjoy music with their loved ones.

Through its consistent "song sponsorships" on radio and music channels, through the years Tanduay Rhum has single-handedly guaranteed that Filipino artists continue to have their voices and music heard, despite renewed competition from foreign music labels.

To better capture the story of the Tanduay Rhum Rockest, Tanduay partnered with Rico Blanco, one of the country's most prolific songwriters, in making his newest single "Ngayon" to be the anthem for the event. "Ngayon" is a message of celebration for Pinoy Rock in general. It clearly narrates how Filipinos should be proud of how our artists have evolved to how we sound today. Becauset here is no time like NOW to show the world that we rock. And there's no better venue to do it than at Tanduay Rhum Rockfest. Indeed, Rico Blanco's performance of "Ngayon" will be one of the highlights of the event.

To take Tanduay Rhum's commitment one step further, this quintessentially Filipino spirit also teamed up with a league of like-minded artists and performers, the Organisasyon ng Pilipinong Mang-aawit (OPM). They share the goal of helping ensure that future generations of Filipino musicians and songwriters continue to tell our country's story. Tanduay Rhum will formally pledge its support of Filipino artistry in a special number at the upcoming Rhum Rockfest.

On October 14th, Tanduay will declare its support to the Organisasyon ng Pilipinong Mang-aawit, being the leading and most respected organization of Filipino professional singers in the country. Tanduay will be partnering with OPM in promoting local artists and nourishing the growth of the music industry in general.


Getting concert tickets is as easy as buying Tanduay. 3 bottles of Tanduay 5 Years and T5 Light in any combination entitles buyers to a VIP ticket, and 1 bottle of either Tanduay 5 Years or T5 Light can be exchanged for a General Admission ticket. Just make sure to get it from participating 7-11 and Ministop outlets nationwide. Tanduay made sure that the biggest gathering of the country's finest Rock Acts will be affordable and available to its loyal consumers.

Participating Products

Tanduay 5 Years. This rhum reflects the hallmark of Tanduay's rich and lively heritage. It has always been the banner brand of Tanduay. The ageing process of this extra special blend is extended for five long years. As a result, the aged rhum reveals a lush shade of mahogany and a lasting aroma of sweet nutty smoked flavor. It's a quality product that made Tanduay the Number One Rhum.

T5 Light. Another quality product - Tanduay T5 Light, a world's first for Tanduay, is created for those who like a drink with plenty of flavor but is not too strong. At 60 proof, with its superb smoothness and aromatic hints of caramel and dark sugar, it is ideal straight, "on the rocks," or with a mixer. Ideal for the trendy, young active set, but also perfect for those who just want a nice relaxing drink.

Tanduay Rhum Rockfest. It will be a celebration of Filipino Music for everyone. After all, it's the Biggest Rock Concert Ever!

Rock on Pilipinas!

(Blog author's note: The 2011 Tanduay Rhum Rockfest is scheduled to happen on October 14, 2011 at the SM Mall of Asia Concert Grounds in Pasay City.)

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